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CNC Celebrates This Historic Moment With YOU.


We're proud of what we've done together to mobilize voters to resoundingly defeat this recall attempt! Today, the nation watches as Californians proudly stand by the progressive agenda represented by Governor Newsom, leaving NO DOUBT that the Golden State would not bend to conservatives. 

We recognize that the journey isn’t over. We must #KeepGoingCalifornia to achieve social and economic justice for our families and neighborhoods until we create a California in which all people can thrive. With Newsom, we’ve made significant gains for our families from providing clean drinking water to working towards affordable housing policies, climate action, continued COVID-19 protections, and much more. Our movement and our momentum are only growing stronger. 

We’ve seen how far we can go together. In just this election alone we were able to call over 500,000 families, distributed 15,000 door hangers, sent over 500,000 texts to voters with election information, mobilized residents to rallies, saturated social media with digital ad campaigns highlighting the issues that matter to us, conducted polling that will guide our programs, and we’ve collaborated with diverse radio and television stations in the Central Valley and across our state. Moreover, we’ve been in touch with California families in English, Spanish, Punjabi, and Hmong in 13 counties. This was possible because of your support and the tireless efforts of volunteers, phone bankers, outreach coordinators, ethnic media partners, and everyone fighting for progress to continue in California.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate that we’ve stopped the latest conservative attack on our state, knowing that we have a lot more in store for us ahead! It’s clear that we will have to continue to work together to defeat extremist conservative forces. We can’t allow them to enact anti-women, anti-worker, anti-climate, or any other policies that are anti-progress. So stay with us as we continue to achieve our goals and grow our progressive movement. 

In solidarity,

CNC Team