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California Community Leaders Denounce Congressmen Complicit in Attempted Insurrections

Sacramento, CA - Statewide progressive allies denounce attempted insurrections at our state and national capitol buildings by MAGA mobs fueled by Trump and several Republicans. Seven California members of Congress are complicit in supporting these concerted efforts to thwart American democracy through violence and unconstitutional means.

XX Coalition released the following statement:

This insidious disruption of our democratic processes cannot go unanswered and should not be tolerated. Years of deceit and the dissemination of false information throughout our communities have culminated in this level of extremism that threatens our national security and our state’s welfare. The responsible parties include those who continuously - and purposely -  mislead constituents for political points, delusioned veneration, or favors from Trump and his allies at the expense of our democracy

The votes cast in objection to the election results were dangerously theatrical and exemplified the depraved lengths to which our supposed representatives would stoop. Suggesting that the election was rigged following multiple investigations disproving these allegations was already injurious to the integrity of their seats and to the good faith of the people of California who rely on their representatives for true and accurate information as well as guidance. Furthermore, casting these votes after Congress was besieged is arguably seditious.

Below are the rogue representatives and the regions they represent:

  • Rep. Devin Nunes (Central Valley) - Recipient of a medal of honor presented under false pretenses
  • Rep. Jay Obernolte (Central Valley) -
  • Rep. Ken Calvert (Inland Empire) -
  • Rep. Darrell Issa (San Diego) - Forced to resign one congressional seat, then ran in another. 
  • Rep. Mike Garcia (Los Angeles) -
  • Rep. Doug LaMalfa (Far North California) -
  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Central Valley) - House Minority Leader

By rejecting the electoral votes of other states without any legitimate basis, these legislators acted to disenfranchise the voters who participated in the presidential election. They specifically sought to disenfranchise voters of color and especially African-American, Latino, Native-American and Asisan-American voters who turned out in record numbers in 2020. This is fundamentally undemocratic and has served to fuel a violent mob engaged in insurrection.The mob’s disturbing activities will have no bearing whatsoever on our election results, and this was known before the aimless coup was orchestrated. Our democracy and our institutions worked in the way that they were designed to protect our representative government. But these seven individuals stood in direct, unapologetic opposition to our nation’s precepts. 

Californians deserve principled governance. The only way to ensure the protection of American democracy is with the resignation or removal of all who contributed to and were complicit in this insurrection attempt, specifically through their election opposition votes. These acts of treason cannot become normalized or minimized, and we strongly condemn those who took part. They are not fit to govern.