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Canvassers Fried to Delicious Perfection in Blistering California Heat

California is no stranger to the sun, but with increasing temperatures every year as a result of climate change, many residents are spending their summer leisure time indoors instead of out. While that may be a solution for some, not everybody has the option to beat the heat indoors. There are many individuals who have to spend time working or traveling in the elements, and CNC canvassers are no exception!

These inspiring individuals work tirelessly throughout the seasons, knocking on every door to ensure their neighbors are informed on important issues and registered for things that matter. Whether it’s registering people to vote, sharing the importance of being counted in the census, or signing people up for their Covid-19 vaccination, CNC canvassers do it all with a smile on their face – even when the temperature reaches triple digits before noon! 

Fortunately for us, star canvassers from CNC’s Coachella team took a few moments from their busy schedules to share with us how they beat the summer heat and some of their reflections on the looming climate crisis.


“How do I beat the heat? Well, there’s no real way to avoid it, so I just drink a lot of water and make sure I have my hat and sunscreen with me. If I do that, I don’t burn and I’m fried to delicious perfection by the end of the day.”


"It’s already reaching triple-digits in the spring, so I’m really worried about later in summer. It gets hotter every year, and I think by the time August rolls around I’ll be completely burnt to a crisp. Literally."


"I’m really passionate about the environment, so it’s been pretty scary to see California summers get increasingly hotter so quickly. Personally, I’m learning to embrace the heat. The constant wildfires are a huge issue and otherwise inconvenient, but I just power through it."

CNC canvassers have connected over 60,000 households throughout the Coachella, San Joaquin, and Central Valleys with lifesaving COVID-19 vaccination information, have helped hundreds of residents schedule their vaccination appointments, and have delivered over 50,000 face masks, posters, and door hangers educating about the vaccine. 

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CNC Side Eye is strictly satirical. Satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. Any coincidental use of names is not intentional.