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CNC Changemakers Speak Up for California


Redistricting in Fresno: 

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ICYMI: CNC’s Founding Executive Director, Pablo Rodriguez, and CNC’s Redistricting and Communications Associate, Ariana Marmolejo, were able to speak with CalMatters about the importance of our redistricting work and the impact that it is having on Fresno. “Even at the state level, because we lost a congressional district, everything in California is going to look different,” said Rodriguez. Read the full story about redistricting in Fresno at CalMatters, and follow CNC on Facebook to stay up-to-date on everything redistricting in California!

Fresno County just concluded another redistricting hearing and will now move into the next phase of redistricting, where the County will present maps for the public to review and comment on. Unfortunately, not all residents felt that appropriate measures were being taken to make this an inclusive meeting or for all resident voices to be heard, so stay tuned for more information as this develops. To read about last night’s meeting, click here. You can see all submitted draft maps, meeting presentations, and public comments on Fresno County’s Redistricting webpage.

CNC takes action:

CNC worked diligently to inform and invite Merced residents to the ARPA planning meeting

Building power in Merced: The City of Merced has received roughly $27 million in federal funding as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). ARPA funds must be used by the end of 2024 and work to support the community through and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and Merced has taken to holding study sessions and public hearings to get residents’ direct input on where the funds would be best invested. CNC volunteers showed out to this meeting, advocating for what their families and neighborhoods need the most. This is an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Merced residents, with the opportunity to invest in things like affordable family housing. For more information about how you can make your voice heard at the next meeting, visit the City of Merced’s website.

CNC & Redistricting: Public Comment in Riverside

Building a better future for the Coachella Valley: Redistricting is underway throughout the state, and CNC is testifying about Communities of Interest in an effort to create equitable maps that will be used to redraw our district lines. In Riverside County, CNC Organizer Anna Lisa Vargas gave public comment in support of her neighborhood, our redistricting coalition, and the future of residents through this process. Read Anna Lisa’s full comment here.

Fresno County Redistricting Information

CNC speaks up on redistricting in Fresno County: Our organizers and volunteers have been working for months, along with our redistricting coalition partners, to create district maps for Fresno County that empower ALL Fresno residents – not just a privileged few. Our coalition created The Fresno Inclusive Families Map, which takes into consideration our Muslim, Latino/Latinx, Black, Hmong, Punjabi, Sikh, working, and low-income families in Fresno. There’s still time to comment on the County’s proposed maps at the next hearing. Check out the County of Fresno’s redistricting webpage to see the upcoming schedule, how you can get involved, and to take a look at our Inclusive Families Map. Do you feel included in the future of Fresno? Follow CNC on Facebook to find out how you can make your voice heard.

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‘Fresno Speaks 2021’ has spoken! CNC, along with UC Merced and partner organizations, recently concluded Fresno Speaks 2021, the largest random sample survey of Fresno registered voters in 2021. This research is critical to understanding the reality, perception, and experiences of Fresno voters as to advocate for the policies that best serve our neighborhoods. We surveyed 1,520 registered voters in the City of Fresno about the issues that matter most to them. We found out why Fresno City voters rejected the Gubernatorial Recall in major numbers; the candidates’ positions on COVID-19, climate change, police reform, and more.

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In the Fresno Speaks Survey voters were asked what was the most important issue faced in their household. These questions were asked in multiple-choice format and as open-ended questions, both revealing very similar outcomes. The biggest concern was COVID-19 and its effect on the ability of providers to maintain their livelihood. More than 1 in 10 respondents reported losing a family member or friend due to the pandemic and 32% reported a loss of income. Through these survey totals, we're able to see that a majority of the population has had to deal with massive amounts of trauma and suffering. From balancing the loss of loved ones and maintaining the foundations of their lives. Follow CNC to find out more about the Fresno Speaks survey as results continue to roll out!

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