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Fighting for a New California with CNC

Important in California today:

Redistricting in Fresno:

The Fresno Bee has been covering redistricting at the County and City level in Fresno. This week, CNC organizers, volunteers, and our partner organizations spoke directly to the Fresno County Redistricting Advisory Commission in support of The Fresno Inclusive Families Map, the only map that empowers all Communities of Interest in Fresno County. Learn more about the Fresno Inclusive Families Map and read the full story here

College Affordability and Accessibility in California:

Governor Gavin Newsom signed bills to help make college more affordable and accessible for Californians and highlights the California Comeback Plan’s historic $47.1 billion higher education funding – the most for higher education in modern history. Read the full story here

Indigenous Peoples’ Day:

President Joe Biden on Friday issued the first-ever presidential proclamation of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, lending the most significant boost yet to efforts to refocus the federal holiday celebrating Christopher Columbus toward an appreciation of Native peoples. The day will be observed Oct. 11. Read the full story here.

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CNC Presents at Netroots Nation: CNC Field Directors Samantha Valadez and Cassandra Gutierrez virtually presented at Netroots Nation, a national progressive political conference, with their session entitled, “Enhance Your Field Program.” Their presentation covered the basics of forming and managing a field team for phonebanking and canvassing, management skills, how to be goal-oriented, and all about different platforms and technologies that complement outreach via canvassing or phone banking. We’re so proud of the work that Cassandra and Samantha do and we’re proud to see their leadership influence future organizers.

CNC Organizer, Pedro Navarro Cruz, giving public comment in support of the Fresno Inclusive Families Map

CNC speaks up on redistricting in Fresno County: Our organizers and volunteers have been working for months, along with our redistricting coalition partners, to create district maps for Fresno County that empower ALL Fresno residents – not just a privileged few. Here’s what our organizers had to say in support of our coalition’s maps, The Fresno Inclusive Families Map, which you should watch here:

  • Imelda Cruz spoke on the need to include the Latino community and better inform them of important matters like redistricting, where they have been historically excluded. The outcome needs to reflect that need which is why she supports our coalition and The Fresno Inclusive Families Map.
  • Mark Felten spoke up on his support for our coalition and The Fresno Inclusive Families Map, uplifting the neighborhoods he lives in and grew up in.
  • Adam Harrison voiced his support for The Fresno Inclusive Families Map. He made the point that his part of town in Northeast Fresno has more in common with North Fresno and North Clovis in general than other areas.
  • Luis Armando Garcia spoke on behalf of the Communities of Interest that he lives in, on San Jose & Valentine. He wants to make sure that working-class neighborhoods in the North urban parts of town are placed in districts that uplift people like him, rather than diluting their political power. He’s in complete support of The Fresno Inclusive Families Map.

Redistricting only happens once every ten years, so now is the time to protect your voting power and shape our future. Follow CNC on Facebook to find out how you can get involved.

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Redistricting is here, and your future is being shaped RIGHT NOW! Do you know how to give public comment in support of your neighborhood? CNC is keeping our neighbors informed on the government processes that impact us the most, and how they can speak up. It’s critical to get involved and be informed on the redistricting process because it is literally going to shape our opportunities and representation for the next decade. Stand up for your future and speak at the next redistricting meetings! Follow CNC on Instagram to stay informed on all things redistricting and how you can get involved!

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Fighting for Climate Action in California: In Merced, CNC Organizer Rosa Inguanzo, teamed up with CalTech and CalArts to bring attention to the climate crisis in Central California, discussing the current drought and water rights. Stay tuned for more on this story, and join CNC in fighting for a greener future through direct climate action.

Take action with CNC today!

Stand up for what you believe in with CNC: Take action towards creating a new California for all by attending any of our upcoming meetings. Follow CNC on Facebook for more updates on ways to create change in your neighborhood by getting involved with us.