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Marvin Lemus, Celebrity Latinx Director and Co-Creator of Gentefied, Joins CNC EF Census Outreach in the Central Valley

Los Angeles, CA – Communities for a New California Educational Fund (CNC EF) welcomes  Marvin Lemus to help  innervate and empower Californians in Hard-to-Count (HTC) regions with some of the lowest Census completion rates to urgently complete the Census. CNC EF has been providing weekly interactive Census community programs broadcast online featuring community advocates. This week, Lemus will head the program as the first high profile celebrity to-date to lead the Census conversation.

The celebrity Latinx director and co-creator of the newly released Netflix original series, Gentefied, will detail the relationship between the Census and aspects of his own life as a  Kern County native during the first portion of the program. He will also illustrate the potential impact of the Census on low-income immigrant communities through the lens of the Gentefied story. The interactive Census program will be broadcast through his personal Instagram account @elmarvinlemus on Thursday, April 16th at 11:30am. 

CNC EF has partnered the California Census as well as with an array of community organizations to reach hard to communities, many of which  include Latino and immigrant residents. Learn more and complete the 2020 Census at www.cuentaconmigo2020.org.

Marvin Lemus of Gentefied & the 2020 Census with CNC EF

Who: CNC EF and Marvin Lemus on Instagram Live: @elmarvinlemus

What: Census outreach

When: Thursday, April 16th at 11:30am

Where:  Instagram Live: @elmarvinlemus