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Merced Needs Streetlights!

Since the inception of UC Merced, the city of Merced has been on the rise in almost every way. In every way except for streetlights and fair housing, that is. Lack of adequate street lights across the city has increasingly become a safety issue local government has refused to address, with car robberies and home break-ins becoming commonplace. 

To demonstrate to local politicians exactly what a pain this issue has become, local residents have taken to photographing their experiences to document what has been going on in the dark streets at night. 

Featured below are the experiences of residents who have been forced to document exactly how the issue has gotten out of hand.

Here is the aftermath of a car break-in that happened in a neighborhood with inadequate streetlights – thankfully, a caring resident was there to document what happened.

A neighborhood street vendor attempting to sell his goods after dark. Depending on the season, this can mean closing up shop way too early, or having to deal with potential dangers in the dark! 

A family with their dogs, sadly forced to go back inside early because it’s too dark to go for a walk past dusk. 

Another break-in, but this time it’s a whole house! A truly scary event for any family to endure. Good thing this photo can be used as evidence of what happens when there are no streetlights!

Oh no! As you can see, this photo shows an elderly woman who has tripped and fallen during her evening stroll, simply because it was just too dark to see the cracks in the sidewalk. This must change!

Wow! Shown here is an amazing evening demonstration of a group of concerned residents coming together to fight for what they need – getting more lights in their neighborhood!

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