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Saying “No” to the Recall and “Yes” to Gavin Newsom

Imelda Rodriguez pictured performing community outreach on the 2020 Census

The recall election is now only a few weeks away, and I’m concerned that Californians aren’t aware of the gravity of our current situation. As an organizer with Communities for a New California Action Fund, I see every day the hardships our neighbors endure and I hear what they need the most from our leadership. Gavin Newsom is the only candidate prepared to address what we need the most. Governor Newsom has done incredible work for California, and for the Central Valley specifically.

We cannot afford to lose the progress he has helped us create. Under Governor Newsom‘s leadership, he has helped allocate $1 billion for clean drinking water in areas like the Central Valley, provided $25 million in aid to asylum-seekers, signed a historic housing and homelessness funding package, expanded healthcare to undocumented residents, all on top of handling COVID-19 better than any other state. The good Gavin Newsom has done for California cannot be denied.

We must choose to keep Gavin Newsom because if we don’t, we are at risk of losing everything he has helped us create. It’s not just his job that’s on the line – it’s everything that we stand for as Californians.