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Ranking Good Things Governor Gavin Newsom Has Done Based on What Your Mom Will Like Hearing About the Most

Have you called your mom lately? I’m sure she’d love to hear from you. She thinks about you a lot, you know. With the September 14th recall election only a month away, now is the perfect time to check in with your parents to say hello and to make sure they have a voting plan in place! This is great material to talk about, especially if you don’t know what else to say and you want to sound smart. This election is incredibly important for the future of our state, so it’s critical to check that our loved ones are as informed as possible so they can cast a meaningful ballot to keep California going. 

On that note - I’m sure your mother would just love to learn about all the nice things Governor Gavin Newsom has done for California! I mean, you know how it is. Everything is so negative all the time, so I’m sure she’d love hearing about all the great things our state is doing for a change! There's a lot to know about the recall, but this is a great and informative place to start the conversation. Once you talk to your mom about voting "NO" on the recall, you can talk to your kids, siblings, and friends ... They might not be as interested in what you have to say as your mother is, but that's what moms are for!

In fact, when I told my mom about some of the good things Gavin Newsom has done as governor it was a very pleasant conversation. To save you time while you dial your mom's number, I ranked some of the best things Gavin Newsom has done as governor based on how much my own mother enjoyed talking about it. I hope this gives you enough material to talk to your mother for a full half-hour because now you don’t have an excuse not to!

Good things Gavin Newsom has done as governor based on what your mom will like to hear about the most:

Good Thing: Governor Newsom created a billion-dollar fund to provide safe drinking water to over 300 communities in California that don’t have access to clean water.

What your mom will like: My mom was very passionate about this and called this the “issue of a lifetime,” and she's not wrong. Clean water has always been an issue in California, so your mom will love to hear that someone is finally doing something about it!

Good Thing: Since 2018, Gavin Newsom has helped create more representation in California leadership by appointing Alex Padilla, California’s first Latino U.S. Senator; Shirley Weber, California’s first Black Secretary of State; and Martin Jenkins, California’s first openly gay California Supreme Court Justice.

What your mom will like: Moves like this will positively impact California for years to come. Of course, your mom is going to be happy to hear about this!

Good Thing: Throughout his term, Governor Newsom has always supported immigrants. Under Newsom, California became the first state to expand access to Medi-Cal for undocumented individuals and to allow undocumented residents to claim the earned income tax credit. He also provided $25 million in emergency humanitarian aid to help migrants and refugees at California’s southern border.

What your mom will like: California isn’t California without immigrants. In this election, the opposing side is rife with anti-immigrant rhetoric that is not reflective of our diverse state. Your mom will love knowing that Governor Newsom’s administration is working to ensure that all Californians, regardless of citizenship status, are taken care of, especially during a pandemic.

Good Thing: Gavin Newsom placed a moratorium on the death penalty and outlawed private, for-profit prisons and immigration detention centers

What your mom will like: We can all agree that killing people is bad. Your mom is going to love knowing that Gavin Newsom is committed to doing the opposite of that. 

Good Thing: Under Governor Newsom’s leadership, California has had one of the best COVID-19 responses in the nation. His work has helped to keep Californians safe amidst an unprecedented pandemic. To date, California has administered over 45,000,000 vaccine doses and counting, and throughout the pandemic, Governor Newsom put money directly in the hands of Californians and launched the largest small business grant program in the nation.

What your mom will like: After you mention this, your (vaccinated) mother is going to remember how grateful she is to live in a state like California, which prioritizes the health of its residents above all else!

Good Thing: Gavin Newsom has created more housing for unhoused individuals than any Governor in California’s history. He helped create a national model for stable housing for over 33,000 unhoused Californians through Project Roomkey and provided billions in funding to preserve and build more housing.

What your mom will like: My mother said that “everyone who wants a home should have a place to go,” and your mother is sure to agree! Housing is a basic human right, and every Californian deserves the opportunity to thrive. Your mom will love knowing that California is moving in the right direction under Governor Newsom’s leadership!

Do you know how you're going to vote? Call your mom (or anyone, really) and figure out your voting plan together!

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