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Community Redistricting Workshops Replace Monday Night Football

In an effort to increase statewide participation throughout this key phase of the redistricting process, California has decided to replace Monday Night Football with an exciting new kind of programming.

Regional Community Redistricting Workshops will now replace Monday Night Football on all major networks in California from 5:30 to 8:30 PM and will last through the end of November. The goal is to educate Californians on the once-in-a-decade process that literally shapes their neighborhoods, representation, and futures, and creates a space for residents to get involved. The sessions will provide a hotline for residents to call in to give input on their neighborhoods and Communities of Interest. 

“We figured this was the best way to reach people since no one ever pays attention to their local meetings,” said a representative of California’s statewide redistricting team. “People don’t even seem to miss football that much. They’re really taking to demography.”

Residents providing input on their neighborhoods and Communities of Interest is one of the most important parts of redistricting. The law requires that Communities of Interest are left intact throughout this process, and replacing Monday Night Football with these workshops allows the greatest number of people the opportunity to provide meaningful input.

“WOOHOO! YES!!!!!” exclaimed one Fresno County resident, Ben Sanchez, seeing that the proposed County map had left his respective Community of Interest intact. “This will give my neighborhood enough political power to advocate for ourselves for the next decade! Awesome!” Sanchez added after finishing his third Bud Light.

The more participation and feedback that comes directly from our neighborhoods throughout this process, the stronger our neighborhoods, maps, and representation will be. In case you miss Monday Night Redistricting in your neighborhood, you can check your local city and county websites for updates, or follow CNC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the ways you can get involved!

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