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Latest Teen Craze: Redistricting

BREAKING: An exciting new craze has swept over Central Valley teens and it has taken over faster than you can say “Tik Tok!” Ha ha! The craze in question is what teens are calling “redistricting” and it’s reportedly “really interesting and important, actually,” and is what one local teen described as “vibes.”

It all started when a Merced teen named Elizabeth Martinez popped off in a Twitter thread stating, “Wow! Did you guys know that redistricting is the process of redrawing the district maps used by political jurisdictions to elect public officials?” Her friend, Twitter user Sammy2005 replied, “OMG! Yes! It’s so important because it only happens every ten years and affects all government bodies that use district elections!” Shortly after this online interaction, more and more of their peers became intrigued by their discussion, falling into a rabbit hole of education on the topic.

When we caught up with Elizabeth to ask her why she thought this topic had become such a trend, she didn’t seem surprised. “It's obvious that redistricting is super exciting, so I understand why my peers want to learn more,” she reflected, “it’s just the vibe right now.” It is rumored that many of these kids are learning about the importance of redistricting through free and easy-to-understand materials, such as California Common Causes’ redistricting education resources.

“We just really want to call out gerrymandering where we see it and, like, prevent it from happening in our communities at all,” Sammy2005 told us via Twitter DM’s. “If you know you know. But if you don’t know, educate yourself, because being uninformed is just not it right now.”

Do you know how redistricting can affect you?

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