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The End of California's Statewide Eviction Moratorium

The California eviction moratorium has ended and only a few local moratoriums remain in place.

COVID-19 created an unprecedented emergency that required local, state, and federal intervention. The California eviction moratorium was a necessary measure that has helped renters survive the financial duress onset by the pandemic, endure the mental health ramifications of wage loss and uncertainty, and provided additional health protections during our pandemic by keeping people housed. We are devastated for the most vulnerable of our residents who will be impacted by the end of the moratorium and dismayed that the state would end this critical support at this time. Communities for a New California will continue to advocate for emergency eviction protections and affordable housing to keep our neighborhoods together.

Even as the state lifts the eviction moratorium, we are proud of Fresno for having a local eviction moratorium that will likely protect residents until the beginning of 2022. This is an example of the power of our voices and exemplifies what we can do with the right elected officials in office. It also underscores the need for expanded activism across the Central Valley and our state. If you want to join others who are organizing around housing, join us! Get connected through our CNC Ed Fund Fresno Facebook group.

California must become a state that prioritizes working families. The very same people who are foundational to our state are experiencing the brunt of the housing crisis.  As we work towards establishing more just policies, we encourage residents to know their rights and seek rental and utility assistance from the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program or any of their local relief funds. 100% of past due rent and utilities can be covered going as far back as April 1. 2020 for applicants who qualify if renters have past due rent because of a COVID-19 hardship.

Additional resources:


City of Fresno residents can find information about the emergency rental assistance program here.

City of Fresno residents can apply here.


For those who live outside of the City of Fresno, in County islands within Fresno, in one of the 14 communities within the County and those in unincorporated areas, they should contact RH Community Builders by clicking here.

You can also call 559-515-4700.

Additional information on legal assistance regarding an eviction can be sought through Central California Legal Services at 800-675-8001.


Madera County residents can apply for assistance by clicking here.


Merced County residents can apply for assistance by clicking here.


Mariposa County residents can apply for assistance by clicking here.


Anyone who resides in Tulare County can call 2-1-1 (1-800-283-9323) to get connected to the United Way of Tulare County for assistance. In addition to United Way of Tulare County, other community partners are also providing housing assistance programs, these include: Self-Help Enterprises, CSET and Proteus Inc.