CNC is engaging our families in important conversations about affordable housing through daily phone calls, conversations at the door, and digital organizing.

Rising rents in California’s urban centers have had ripple effects throughout the Valley.  More and more families have moved to the San Joaquin Valley, driving rents up in previously more affordable areas of our rural communities. The impact is devastating, where families are continually pushed further and further out of our communities in which we have developed our social and family networks.

Prop 10 provides us with an opportunity to weigh in and protect our neighbors with greater stable and affordable housing through rent control. Rent control is an anti-displacement measure that allows our families to continue attending our local schools and frequent and support our local mom & pop businesses.

Rent control protects low-income tenants and people of color. We know that 61% of renter households in California make less than 80% of area median income. When our families are able to pay reasonable rates for rent, it allows us to invest more money into our local economies.

Even in cities that already have rent control, the state law Costa Hawkins restricts how local governments apply rent control – to only certain kinds of buildings. Prop 10 repeals Costa Hawkins so voting YES on Proposition 10 makes sense to our rural communities. It allows local governments to adopt sensible rent limits that fall in line with what the families they represent have repeatedly sought.

Afraid of rent control? Here’s why you should vote yes on Proposition 10 anyway
Few phrases in California politics are more likely to send people scurrying to their respective corners than “rent control.”