Equal opportunity is on the ballot this November

This November, Californians will have a chance to fight gender discrimination and systemic racism at the ballot box.

Proposition 16 will restore critical equal opportunity policies in state hiring, contracting, and education.

Here in California, we know that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed — regardless of their gender, what they look like, or where they were born. 

So when we see women getting paid 80 cents on the dollar, and women of color making even less, we know it’s time for a change.

By passing Prop 16, Californians can: 

  • Tackle all forms of discrimination, removing barriers to equal opportunity

  • Fight wage discrimination against women

  • Give women and people of color an equal shot at job promotions and leadership positions

  • Expand career and educational opportunities in science and technology for girls and english language learners

As Californians, we value diversity and fairness, we know that ending discrimination is the right thing to do.  

During this uncertain time of COVID-19, we can build a future California that reflects our values by voting YES on Proposition 16.