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    Can Rural California Survive Trump's Tariffs?

    Trump is playing a dangerous game with California jobs, especially in our rural areas. He touts an unequal playing field for the United State's manufacturers and farmers as the reason for his restrictionist trade agenda, but seems ready to dig those very American manufacturing and agricultural workers into a financial abyss. Not only is he targeting long standing agreements with allies, he is ignoring the pleas of industry leaders directly feeling the impact, to stop the trade war madness.

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  • Post-Primary Election Update

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    Updated Bottom Lines

    CA-10: Jeff Denham (R) - Central Valley: Modesto, Tracy
    Toss Up. Denham's support for immigration reform has allowed him to continue winning reelection in this moderate, diverse Modesto seat that Hillary Clinton won by three points. But his advocacy of a discharge petition to force a House vote on a compromise bill may have driven conservatives into the arms of pro-Trump, pro-wall Turlock Councilman Ted Howze, who nearly "shut out" a crowded Democratic field on Tuesday.

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