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CNC Launches Weekly Satirical “Side Eye” Blog to Address Community Issues

Making neighborhood issues inclusive through attitude 

Communities for a New California (CNC) is launching a new weekly satirical blog, aptly titled Side Eye, which aims to highlight local issues throughout the San Joaquin, Central, and Coachella Valleys. Looking through a lens of humor and adding a touch of mischief, the blog will bring awareness to neighborhood needs and concerns in a way that is accessible, entertaining, and fun. 

The goal of the blog is to consistently address important regional issues affecting our neighborhoods that otherwise may not pique much interest by providing a different lens that’s packed with the feelings and emotions shared by those who live through these circumstances and situations. With much more to come, issues already set to be addressed by the blog include inequities at the local level related to housing, climate change, redistricting, healthcare, and public utilities. 

The writer behind the blog, Ariana Marmolejo, is one of CNC's newest staff members and serves as the Communications Associate. Ariana is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she spent four years working at The Daily Nexus as a writer and as the Editor of the publication’s satire section. During her tenure, she grew the section to be wildly popular and successful within the student community and hopes to begin to generate a similar interest and discourse within our residents about the issues which affect our families the most. 

The blog will be updated weekly on the Communities for a New California Action Fund’s website, www.anewcalifornia.org/our-voice

 Click here to read the first story.  


Communities for a New California Action Fund is building a new power in the San Joaquin, Central, and Imperial valleys by inspiring working-class Californians to engage, activate and fight for social change in their communities. With the help of staff and volunteers from the very communities we serve, CNC EF organizes and educates residents about policy issues that impact our rural families and organize to improve our neighborhoods.