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Forging Ahead with CNC!

The latest in California: 

California takes steps to end the use of racist, dehumanizing language against immigrants. California Gov. Newsom signs a law to replace the term 'alien' with 'noncitizen' or 'immigrant'

The California eviction moratorium ends Thursday, September 30th, except in areas like Fresno where local eviction moratoriums exist. An estimated 92,000 Californians could lose their housing even though the state has a $5.2 billion fund for renters and landowners to apply for rent and utility support. Apply now for rent and utility relief.

CNC Takes Action: 

Reminder, Californians voted against the recall and in favor of progress by choosing to keep Gavin Newsom as Governor of our great state. This is a huge win for Californians and our future, but the work continues! 

We did it, California! In this election alone we called over 500,000 families, distributed 15,000 door hangers, sent over 500,000 texts to voters with election information, mobilized residents to rallies, saturated social media with digital ad campaigns highlighting the issues that matter to us, conducted polling to guide our programs, and we’ve collaborated with diverse radio and television stations in the Central Valley and across our state.

Thank you, volunteers! CNC has been in touch with California families in English, Spanish, Punjabi, and Hmong in 13 counties. This was possible because of YOUR support and the tireless efforts of volunteers, phone bankers, outreach coordinators, and all who said NO to this recall. 

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September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic American Heritage Month.  In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, also referred to as Latinx Heritage Month, we are proud to highlight Hanford native Leo González.

In 2011 Leo started sharing stories of homelessness, poverty, illness, and other life struggles of people in Hanford and other California cities. “The Life Project" captured dozens of interviews and connected viewers through compassion.

Leo González has blown up on social media. He has amassed a following of over 1 million followers on Tik Tok through comedy and culture. His big break came when he impersonated a Univision anchor and reporter, and since then Leo has relocated from Hanford to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams alongside his hero, and now mentor, George Lopez, and he is collaborating with stars like DJ Marshmello. Read more about it here

Vaccines save lives. Summer has officially come to an end, but COVID-19 is still spreading throughout California, and the delta variant is even more contagious so it’s better at finding those who aren’t vaccinated. Now is the perfect time to get protected against this virus before the winter and flu season sets in!

¡No bajes la guardia, ponte la mascarilla y ve a vacunarte! Don’t wait for a second longer – protect yourself, your family, and your peace of mind and sign up for your vaccination now at myturn.ca.gov.

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Redistricting is in full swing! Do you know what’s happening in your neighborhood? CNC is doing our part to keep our neighbors informed on the government processes that impact us the most. Redistricting is the incredibly important process that follows the census – remember that!? It’s critical to get involved and be informed on the redistricting process because it is going to impact our opportunities and representation for the next decade. Follow CNC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more about redistricting and how YOU can make your voice heard!

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FOMO no mo’: Hate missing out on opportunities to take action in your neighborhood? We’ve got you covered! Save this date and ​​Follow CNC on Facebook to beat FOMO for good by getting to newest updates on ways to create change in your neighborhood, straight to your newsfeed. We can’t wait for you to take action with us!

It Wasn’t ‘Election Fraud,’ People Just Don’t Like You

It’s okay to get a little sassy sometimes! Have you read the newest Side Eye? Before we continue on with all of our important advocacy work, let’s take a moment to sit back, relax, have a laugh, and relish in our monumental win. Read the full story here.