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Side Eye’s No B.S. Recall Voting Guide

California’s recall election is happening and heaps of ballots will be mailed back today before you can even finish your vanilla oat milk iced latte! The last day to vote is on September 14th, but we’ve created a voter guide to make sure you can vote as early as TODAY! 

Voting “NO,” on the recall means we are choosing to keep the current Governor which is undoubtedly the right choice. The opposition is littered with … interesting characters, to say the least. More importantly, what’s at stake in this recall election is all of our progress on things like COVID-19, climate action, access to affordable education, having a minimum wage, rent control, healthcare for millions of Californians … I could go on – but I won’t! Maybe that sounds a little dramatic, but voting for the wrong person can really ruin everything for everyone! Does anyone else remember January 6th? There’s no reason why I bring that up, just asking if you remember. 

I know you know why you need to vote, so I’ll cut with the rest of my B.S. and I’ll let you get straight to the voter guide:

Side Eye’s One-Stop, No B.S. Recall Election Voting Guide

You're welcome!

Remember to register to vote and to make a voting plan

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